Maximize Efficiency,
Minimize Cost

Use Custom Excel Worksheets and Google Sheets

to manage all of your data quickly and efficiently,
without paying any monthly or recurring fees.

Your best alternative to money-draining SaaS options.

Simple is Beautiful!

How do I know if my worksheets are simple and efficient?

If you have to enter the same data more than once, you’re doing more work than is necessary.

Say goodbye to wasting time.

We make spreadsheets that are easy to use and save you hours of work. 

Eliminate redundancy and streamline your work process today.

Don't Pay Every Month

If you are looking for management software, you may have already been bombarded by ads.

But most companies want you to pay monthly or annual fees.

These types of companies offer what is called SaaS, or ‘Software as a Service’, which require you to keep paying over and over again.

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SaaS My Life?

Ask yourself if you need software that is constantly updated with new features that you’ll never take the time to learn nor will ever use.

If you don’t need those constant updates, then why can’t you just pay once and have lifetime access?

Dig Deep, to the Roots

In the good old days … people bought the software they needed, installed it, and used it as much as they wanted without paying for it over and over.

We would like to return to those good old days.

We make Excel worksheets and Google sheets for you that accomplish the tasks you need accomplished – and you just pay once and use your documents whenever you like, as much as you like, forever.

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Full Customization

Your company is not like those in other industries. Heck, your company is not even like other companies selling similar products or offering similar services.

Get the documents you need to manage your unique products, your finances, and your staff.

Whether it's via static spreadsheets, macros, or VBAs, keep track of everything you need.

We make worksheets for Freelancers and Sole Proprietors

Take control of your personal financial tracking, budgeting, and projects.

We make worksheets for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Everything you need to help your company reach the sky.

We make worksheets for Mid-sized and Large Businesses

Don’t forget University Labratories and Research Institutes!
To put the crunch on all of the data you need, we’ve got you covered.

Not Yet, Please Tell Me Again

With a single investment, your data management can be greatly simplified.

You don’t have to spend money on the latest SaaS every month.

This can add up to thousands of dollars in the long run.


Instead, spend a hundred bucks or a couple hundred, once.
And by doing so save yourself from countless hours of redundant work and multiple migraines.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to speed things up.

Get a quote right away and increase your efficiency to full throttle.

At Your Service!

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24x7 Support

Active Support

Working closely with you to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

Cost Saving

Low Cost

A much more reasonable alternative to cumulative monthly payments.

Shall We Begin?

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Price Range

Typically, simple orders range from $50 ~ $150.

As complexity and nuance increases, so does the price.
The average range for more complex orders is $150 ~ $250.

For Enterprise-level work orders,  please consult with us.

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