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ExcelManage and its Heritage

ExcelManage was started with the desire to empower start-ups, managers, and the efficiency-obsessed.

One single question drives what we do: “why pay monthly fees for data management when excel, google, and free-to-use task management software allow you to achieve the same results?”

Hi, I’m the owner and my name is Mark Zolotar, a philosophy MA-holder with a love for new and exciting projects. ExcelManage operates out of its parent company, Beyond, from Sendai, Japan, but our excel wizards work remotely from Canada, the United States, Japan, and the Philippines.

About our parent company, Beyond: it began as an English school in Japan (https://beyond-ets.jp), leading into a child education company which provides lessons not only at our school but also at kindergartens, private schools, and colleges all around the Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan. With multiple bilingual staff, we’ve also branched into translation (https://beyond-ets.jp/business/). Since then, Beyond has hired web developers to offer website localization & website development.

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Why Did You Start ExcelManage?

Let me tell you a story. I’ll try to keep it short, I promise.

Once upon a time a friend invited me to a tech fair in Sendai, the city where I currently reside. I was looking for things I could use to help manage my English school (also I love cool gadgets and software). A guy called me over and asked me what I did. I told him, and he said “Oh, you run an English school? We’ve got several school owners just like you using our software, and I’m sure it’ll be the perfect software for you”. He showed me a program in which I could create student profiles, keep track of their payments, manage lesson schedules, and more. I admit it was impressive, and I thought I could make great use of something like that. So I said, “cool, looks good, how much does it cost?” His reply… 20,000 yen (about $200 USD) per month! I nearly laughed out loud. I thought to myself ‘200 bucks a month dude? I could make that myself on Excel or Google Sheets!’

And… that’s exactly what I did.

I finished and implemented a handful of offline (Excel) and online (Google Sheets) documents that accomplished all of those tasks for free (if you don’t count the opportunity loss of the ime it took me to make them). Then, I had a thought, ‘hey there’s got to be a bunch of people who actually pay that ridiculous amount for software that custom-made excel and google sheets can replace. If I can tell them that there’s a better way, and save them a ton of money, maybe I can fight back against this crazy SaaS trend and make a new business while doing so. Two birds with one stone; that would be an idealogical and a financial victory in one. Fantastic. Let’s go!

And thus ExcelManage was born.

I still think back and laugh. Imagine I had subscribed and started using that $200 a month software. It’s been 3 years since that tech fair (longer now at the time that you’re reading this). I’ve saved over $200 x 36 months = $7,200. Now imagine 10 or 20 years! Holy $$$! Even if I hadn’t made those Excel documents and Google Sheets myself, and instead had paid someone a couple hundred, even a couple thousand, dollars to make those Google Sheets for me, I’d still have saved a fortune.

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What Sheets Do We Use?

All of our staff and affiliate companies’ staff use Excel and Google Sheets every day. Here’s what we use Excel and Google Sheets for:

Client and student management – Excel. For our larger teams, files with macros and VBA present a user-friendly interface to input sales data, client information, and export relevant numbers into balance sheets. For smaller teams, simpler excel sheets with one or two worksheets use formulas to churn out order sheets and invoices.

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Staff Schedules – Google Sheets. Originally we used excel until we grew larger and needed to share more widely. Now, on our Google Drive we have restricted-access sheets which administrators full view and control of all staff schedules, and the data from these master schedules is used to automatically create individual staff schedules in a separate worksheet simply by typing in the employee’s name.

Tasks Management – Google Sheets or taiga.io. Most of our teams use custom Google Sheets, but our web devs prefer taiga.io. What is the task, who is working on it, what is the due date, what are the required steps (subtasks)? With the ability to link files to the task management interfaces, and the ability for workers to continually update the task progress, so project overseers always stay on top of it.

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Salary, Part-Timers, and Paid Holidays – Excel. Using work-hour and work-type inputs to easily calculate everything for our payroll staff. Adjacent tab is a separate worksheet that generates pay slips automatically.

Balance sheets – Excel. Revenue, expenses, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Bonus projections and profit vs. time calculations for new tasks, events, and projects. Separate worksheets for feasibility analyses, ad funnel calculation, and more.

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We use Excel and Google Sheets for almost everything data-related.
And every single one of our sheets is custom-made.
So there is nothing missing and nothing extraneous.

We Believe This Is Effiency, Full-Throttle.

And if we can do it for all of our companies and staff, then we can do it for you, too.

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As complexity and nuance increases, so does the price.
The average range for more complex orders is $150 ~ $250.

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