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What We Do

We provide Excel or Google Sheet documents to empower all kinds of businesses.

Skyrocketing efficiency and saving our clients’ time is what we do best.

Let our custom excel worksheets and google sheets do the bulk of the work for you, automatically.
Set it up once and you’re good to go! 

Excel and Google Sheets, The Classics:

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Manage Your Operations

Worksheets designed with your company in mind.
Everything you need to run your business smoothly.

Manage Your Finances

Do you know where all of your money and assets are?
Always know what is profitable and what isn’t by using financial trackers.

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Manage Your People

Your staff are the lifeblood of your company.

Nobody likes long, convoluted management processes.
Simplify and keep your staff happy!

Excel and Google Sheets, With Creativity:

calendar and time management

Event and Participant Tracking

  • Profit and Ticket Price Advisor
  • Post-Event Reports and Analyses
  • Google Forms or Sheets RSVP with automated Profit estimation
ad funnel, sales funnel, data organization

Advertising Calculations

  • Cost Per Conversion Calculators
  • Marketing Funnel Planning
  • Other Cost-Benefit Analyses
specialist worksheets

Field-Specific Spreadsheets

  • Real Estate Calculator
  • Outsourcing Calculator
  • And Much More

Price Range

Typically, simple orders range from $50 ~ $150.

As complexity and nuance increases, so does the price.
The average range for more complex orders is $150 ~ $250.

For Enterprise-level work orders,  please consult with us.

Ready to get started?